Our Vision

Gravitate infinite positivity in advancing humankind
through inter community engagement.

Our Mission

Fostering positivity, we bridge talents and amplify
potentials so as to gravitate diverse strengths
for infinite societal impact.

Core Values


We believe in the power of unity and collaboration, harnessing the strengths of diversity to achieve limitless progress


We embrace innovation as a catalyst to defy limitations and open new vistas in human progress


We empower individuals and communities to harness their respective potentials, becoming active contributors to global progress


We cultivate a culture of appreciation, recognizing that gratitude fuels positive change and nurtures our spirit

At IGA, we are dedicated to empowering individuals and communities to envision and shape a future filled with unlimited possibilities. Our mission is to unite diverse talents and ideas, leveraging their collective strength to foster transformative progress and innovation. With a commitment to breaking barriers and nurturing a shared sense of purpose, IGA stands as a beacon of collaboration and empowerment. We cultivate a culture of gratitude and integrity, ensuring that each action we take contributes positively to global progress and reflects our unwavering commitment to ethical excellence. Join us in our pursuit of a world where every person is empowered to contribute meaningfully to our collective future.