Where We Started

Previously Known As AMOEBA TEAM

Founded in 2011

Amoeba Team plays an extreme vital role to address the current societal problems. This organization holds strongly the importance of instilling positive values in the community with the right mindset. Mindsets are the fundamental towards all change.

Love, No Barrier

30-Hour Famine Camp 2012

Our 30-Hour Famine Camp at Kenanga Wholesale City on July 28-29, 2012, earning us the title of hosting the Largest DIY 30-Hour Famine Camp in Malaysia. With overwhelming community support, we raised an impressive RM135,845.05. The event, featuring 1826 participants, contributed to the global fight against hunger and poverty. These funds will bring improved healthcare, a better quality of life, and hope to those in need. We invite you to share this impactful story with your audience. Attached are additional details and images for your coverage.