Legenz Club

What is
Legenz Club?

Legenz Club is designed to empower and develop the future pillar of global society comprehensively. It serves as a platform dedicated to nurturing and cultivating Malaysia’s future leaders holistically. Within this supportive and educational environment, subscribers are provided opportunities to not only excel in their abilities but also to expand their skill set through diverse activities, workshops, and mentorship programs. This nurturing space enables individuals to understand their inherent worth and uncover their untapped potential

The club places a strong emphasis on character development, instilling values of community service and nurturing a deep sense of responsibility among its young subscribers. By encouraging exploration of their talents and fostering wisdom, Legenz Club aims to inspire these individuals to become extraordinary, igniting a contagious enthusiasm that influences others positively


To create an empowering ecosystem that supports where every child and youth stands high in their self-worth, brimming with confidence and resilience


  • To promote exploration and discovery of self-values and self-recognition
  • To inspire and align with the goal of nurturing children and youth’s confidence and resilience
  • To provide tools, resources, and opportunities to grow into confident individuals
  • To support and navigate life’s challenges and reach their full potential with a positive self-image


through entrepreneurship development

leadership and professional growth

comprehensive youth development skills

a communication platform for engagement and learning

Legenz Club 4E Benefits

Subscriber Road Map

2024 Committee Board

Yeap Zhi Yee

Vice President
Lai Wei Qi

Liu Pei Yin

Chai Zhi Ying

Public Relations (External)
Wong Shea Er

Public Relations (Internal)
Cyrus Tan

Innovation Marketing Strategist
Toh Yit Chuan

Promotion Execution Coordinator
Yvette Tan

Promotion Execution Coordinator
Kingsley Thoo

Empowerment Innovator
Ang Ka Hoe

Enrichment Curator
Aidan Chuah

Legenz Club Members Responsibilities

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Legenz Club Discord Community

Join our vibrant community on Discord to connect, share, and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Stay updated with the latest news, events, and discussions! Engage in meaningful conversations, get support, and make new friends in a friendly and welcoming environment