Bridging Talent
Amplifying Potential

Menghubungkan Bakat Malaysia, Memperkasakan Potensi Dunia

Every individual has a unique or untapped potential! Our mission revolves around fostering awareness and continuous improvement, empowering people to reach their optimum capabilities.

Emphasising that ‘No Person Is an Island,’ we believe in the power of collective strengths to foster a flourishing and sustainable nation. Join us in weaving a tapestry of support and be part of a positive change!

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We dedicate to
wisdom and talent

Promoting the strength of unity

We believe in the power of unity and collaboration, harnessing the strengths of diversity to achieve limitless progress


We embrace innovation as a catalyst to defy limitations and open new vistas in human progress


We empower individuals and communities to harness their respective potentials, becoming active contributors to global progress

Cultivate culture of appreciation

We cultivate a culture of appreciation, recognizing that gratitude fuels positive change and nurtures our spirit

Our Communities


Legenz Club


A dynamic platform for youths aged 9-21, fostering leadership, personal growth, and skills development. Connect with mentors and unlock your potential

Amoeba Satellite


Dedicated to enhancing welfare and community contribution, this club emphasizes empowering the high-tech workforce. Join us in our commitment to building a future centered on empowerment and collective progress


Emphasizing the harmony of body, mind, and soul for individual and family well-being. Discover how to achieve balance and contribute to societal prosperity


Shaping the future of education by developing expert educators, coaches, and industry leaders. Engage with us for professional growth and global impact

Latest Updates

Our collaborations are mainly:
To inspire, educate and connect our diverse community

Program Harmoni-100

aims to advocate the importance of emotional intelligence (EQ) and adversity quotient (AQ) through variety approaches so to foster mental health for the advancement of nation as a whole

Our Collaboration Partners